Getaways is the first release of Grapes of Grain since 2009(!). Songwriter Alexis Vos had an urge in the summer of 2022 to do something with music again. He contacted the guys from the band if they were up for recording. Yes, they were! Despite not having played together for over 13 years, the five songs on the EP came together on a whim. As if nothing had ever changed.

What has changed is the way they work together (mostly online) and relaying mixing duties to Adam Selzer. The go-to guy for acts like M.Ward, Peter Buck (R.E.M.) and The Decemberists. On the EP we hear Grapes of Grain shifting between melancholic folk, Laurel Canyon pop and awkward alternative rock.

You can listen to the music on all streaming services.
Release date: 27th of January 2023



We released a stand-alone single on June 13. The video for ‘Homebound’ was shot in our home town Utrecht. 

The single comes with an old fashioned B-side, called ‘ I took her for granted’. You can listen to it on all streaming services, like Spotify.



Somewhere between indie pop and is where you can find Grapes of Grain. The group from Utrecht, The Netherlands plays well-crafted songs that are influenced by the likes of R.E.M., Sparklehorse, and The Lemonheads.

Grapes of Grain was founded in 2005 when the band members all studied in Utrecht. They released two EPs and an album on Snowstar Records. Before calling it quits in 2009, they played extensively in Holland, France and the UK.

In 2023 they returned in a different setup, but the core members still are Alexis Vos, Berend Jan Ike, Stefan Breuer and Arno Breuer. Getaways is their first new release and more music will be recorded in the coming time. 


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